The AEGON Hungarian General Insurance Company is one of the biggest life- and non-life insurance company in the country. UNO-SOFT Ltd. has been in contract with the company since 1994. The ABLAK system developed by us manages the full insurance portfolio.

It is fitted to register and track the Insurance Company’s customers and products, as well as their life-cycle. It also handles the modeling of the procurational and actuarial processes. It is capable of following every moment of an insurance contract, from preparing the proposal to the closing of the contract. It constantly exchanges data with related systems at the Insurance Company.

The data processing is done using an ORACLE database manager in UNIX environment, with the help of 4th generation FORMS PL/SQL and Reports application generators.



Our BRUNO system handles the non-life portfolio of a handful of insurance companies. The fundamental insurance products are: car liability-, forwarding-, comprehensive-, flat- and asset insurances.

A special module can handle the contracts of any arbitrary (but small cardinality) insurance product, without specializing IT development. The company asset module can be formed following the size and the cover of the client.

The system stores all data of the clients, contracts, fleets. It can follow all steps and changes of the insurance contract’s through whole life, from the offer to the end. Continuous data exchange is supported with other systems of the owner, receives and stores postal letters and emails from the clients, and agents.


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We have been engineering software to the K&H Bank Rt. since 2001, as the sub-contractor of the New Age Software Ltd. The Payment system developed by us ensures the constant and steady connection between the Bank’s internal accounting modules and the GIRO.

It serves the grouped proxy commerce for corporate and residential customers, and it also handles the traffic of postal orders and the automatic management of various pay-in transactions. The system operates on a WEB interface with an ORACLE database manager.

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