Our aim is not to find problems to be solved by our software, but to develop new software to solve Your problems.

  • We chart the present process, map the errors in the current system
  • Together with the customer, we define the requirements that the new system must meet
  • Based on this, we prepare a list of expectations, and then a system plan.
  • The specifications and the needs are then refined step by step.
  • We make the final specification.

We do not waste the customers’ money. If we can solve Your problem by improving the current system, we will not suggest a full system replacement.

We take into account the user’s needs as much as possible. From the expectation-survey, through the program planning and development, all the way until the installation, every session is controlled by the client. Naturally, the support is included in our services, too.


We do not make superfluous software, which would only occupy valuable storage place. With programming we have one target: to complete the customer’s task quickly, securely, and cost-efficiently.

  • To make our software comply with the strict specifications given by the client.
  • To reach the target assigned by the client according to the concept formed with them jointly, by finding new ways, using creative solutions.

Programming and engineering is not where our work ends. We take responsibility for the functionality of our software, too.

Our services include:

  • 24 hours supervision of the system made by us,
  • maintenance of the ready, adequately documented systems.

Even the most user-friendly software fails without a software-friendly user. But we only make easy-to-use, logically operating programs.

  • We provide all-inclusive training for the systems developed by us.
  • We also arrange courses for users, operators and developers alike.

We are not interested in selling the most expensive hardware to You, but rather in assuring that our applications work safely on adequate computers.

  • we examine the consigner’s hardware equipment and their computing needs;
  • we make suggestions regarding the required hardware;
  • we install the new computers and accessories;
  • we shape the software-suit;
  • and we install and monitor the appropriate software.

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