Reliability, safety, precision. This is what a bank or insurance company that manages billions of forints expects from an IT company. It is thus not a coincidence that the biggest prestige in the profession of software engineering is successful work for the financial sector.

We take pride in having worked for the most significant financial institutions in Hungary for over 20 years. Their trust is our most important reference.

The UNO-SOFT Computing Ltd. offers the same high-quality service to its smaller customers as to the biggest international financial companies. We are ready to develop unique software for our clients, in the field of data-processing, and in WEB-based applications.

certification certification

The quality of our work is guaranteed by the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 (ISO 9001:2015) standard, and our client’s data is guarded with MSZ EN ISO 27001:2013 (ISO 27001:2013).


The UNO-SOFT Ltd. was founded in 1994. The four founders had already been working together since 1990 developing the life insurance business unit of the AEGON Hungary Insurance Company. This first joint project gave the team professional prestige as well as financial success. Thus, the development team of this project became a company, and it has been working as such for financial institutions in Hungary for over 20 years now.

We built our team based on the model of successful American software engineering companies. Each area has its own expert, and so we can do the planning, the installation, the programming and the documenting tasks within doors. The four founders, all leading software engineers, are assisted in their work by 10 programmers, a systems architect-, and a support- and a test team.

This makes us flexible and able to match the expectations of our clients.


Our main profile is software engineering and related computer services. We develop computer programs primarily in a UNIX-Oracle environment. Besides development, we also offer professional assistance to our customers, whether tuning their existing systems, or providing them with our expert opinion regarding the development of a new system.

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